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Zanjeer : Review    Only spoiler is the director has taken ‘pains’ to make it similar to the original

Mumbai me kuch log aane ke liye marte hein, kuch aake marte hein – this initial dialogue sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

When you have to compare a dish cooked by your mom with the same dish cooked by your wife, which one do you judge as better?

Do you feel an adrenaline rush when a single cop bends rules to thrash the baddies? Do you appreciate when a PYT romances and cuddles with a stone-faced guy and eventually melts him? Are you okay with a movie with a couple of item songs and a decent story with some flaws but overall good quality action movie? Then this is it!



This movie is not as adrenaline rushing like a proper action thriller nor it is full of romance as you would see in Shuddh Desi Ghee (or Romance, whatever!) This movie is good, not great, but certainly not as bad as you would be reading all over.  With Prakash Raj mouthing dialogues to a always-ready-to-bed Mahie Gill : “Mona, tum apna muh sirf ek cheez ke liye kholna”, this has its share of raunchiness as well, adding to the action and romance!

Comparing two different things with the same parameter is as good as asking an elephant and monkey to climb a tree. It is humiliating both and making the exercise futile. Rather, things should be seen in isolation and judged as per the circumstances around it. The real problem comes, in movies, when the director himself claims the newer version is not just inspired, but exactly made like the older one. And fails!

Apoorva Lakhia has made the mistake of branding this movie as a frame-by-frame remake of the original 1973 classic. And there exactly lies the hara-kiri. Good in itself, the movie fails when you compare it with a 40 year old legend! How on earth he thought he could? Even if Amitabh tries today, he simply cannot, CANNOT, recreate the magic that charmed us then. If claiming it to be an exact remake of the original was bad, worse is trying to put scenes and dialogues verbatim like the old one, even when it doesn’t make sense and is of no use.  Dumb, real dumb branding.

Set against the backdrop of oil mafia and adulteration (instead of adulterated and smuggled liquor four decades ago), the movie showcases South powerhouse Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan as ACP Vijay Khanna along with the sexy Pee Cee as the NRI witness (from the chaaku-churi one) to the murder around which the movie revolves.

Ram Charan is the new Hulk of Bollywood. With a face which has the unshaven look and that Hulkish look of mess-with-me-and-you-are-f****d, he IS the angry, young man today. Surely no comparison with Big B of yesteryears but yeah, better than the many of today’s newcomers. He plays the role of ACP extremely well, full of anger stuffed inside and ready to explode on the criminals. One is reminded of Sunny Deol from Indian movie, Sallu in Garv and Akshay Kumar from Mohra when ones sees him beating the pulp out of the rogues and bending laws to protect justice. Unlike Chulbul, without being corrupt. He exactly fits the role of the no-emotion-only-action stone cold steel faced terminator of rogues.

Pee Cee, as usual, looks drop dead gorgeous and beautiful once again. With her trademark romantic acts and cuteness, she not only manages to melt the stone-hearted hero but ours too. And yeah, looks REAL HOT in the Pinky song! Prakash Raj, again, is someone whom you can never miss. His comedy plus baddie role is something what we all crave for, post Wanted. He justifies every single moment on the screen and more so with his Mona Darling, the show-all Mahie Gill! Atul Kulkarni also plays his role smartly, though his screen space is far less than others.

Sanjay Dutt looks dashing with his beard and attire in his avatar as Sher Khan, the invincible. His powerpacked punches never spare any baddie and despite a few dialogue delivery failures, he manages to put his act together and steal the show many times.

Also, I am sure Bewakoof.com has started selling I ❤ Mumbai Police tees. Else it is sure to be available in the flea markets outside Mumbai local stations.

Old is Gold: If you still remember the golden words “Yeh Police station hai… tumhare baap ka ghar nahin”, then you are for a disappointment as the current version is nowhere near the golden classic dialogue. I loved the Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram background score when our hero goes on a purifying mission!

Good: Ram Charan’s Hulkish face with that anger coupled with Arnold’s Terminator like no-emotion-only-action look, Pee Cee’s romance, Prakash Raj’s  buffoonery but anti-hero performance, Sanju Baba’s acting last appreciated in Agneepath. Perfectly ended for a sequel.

Bad: Purposefully trying to mould this storyline into the ’73 version has created gaps at few places

Watch this movie if you are a fan of action movies, especially cops thrashing the baddies ones (Indian, Singham genre), a policewalla singlehandedly screwing the villains and a fan of Priyanka. The witty one-liners by Prakash Raj has the right amount of humour this movie needs. Mahie and the item songs provide the oomph factor. And Ram Charan is seriously the angry, young man.

Skip this for Shuddh Desi Ghee (oh, romance!) if you are still stuck up in the 1970s, want to spend the weekend in love-shove-romcoms and are as away from action as Teflon is from oil! Yeah, cousins clashing here!

3.5 stars for the movie WITHOUT comparing to the original

And yeah, to answer the question, if you happen to be a South Indian and expect your North Indian wife to make Dosas as good as your mom, surely you would be disappointed, won’t you?